Virtual Reality

Innovation in Storytelling

Morel Virtual Reality is a pioneering Virtual Reality & mixed reality studio.

We create high quality experiences, finding new ways to tell stories as to communicate in the most efficient way with users.

We bring together the latest game engine tools and innovative storytelling strategies to develop revolutionary experiences for some of the biggest and most distinguished brands and IP in the region.

Our Reel

The way stories are told has changed dramatically.

As TV producers, we had that insight a few years ago. To continue challenging ourselves, we started looking for new narrative tools to expand our expressive field.

One day we found a Virtual Reality headset and that was it: there was no way back.

We are convinced that Virtual Reality is a huge opportunity to expand the field, not only of storytelling but of communication in general as well.

The challenge is set. And we are ready to take it.

Our Clients

Some Work

Pijama Ride

We developed from scratch a multiplayer VR game, designed to be played by the contestants of a TV game show, and at the same time to be seen by the audience at their homes.
Buena Vista International Inc. (Disney Channel).

Vital and Event alert

VR campaign to support the launching of the Sci-Fi series 2091. The campaign included a multiplayer VR cooperative shooter, to be played at marketing events and a 360 guided tour of Colonnus, the space ship were the characters lived.

In both cases, the user was able to experience what was like to be in the fictional universe.
Fox Latin America

Before the revolution – May Square

Virtual visit to a key historic spot in Argentina a few hours before the beginning of the revolution.

The experience was published in Clarín, the main Argentinean newspaper, to commemorate 200 years of the revolution.

It was an audience success.

July 9th

Independence journey

Riding a time capsule, the user travels across several regions of the country to take a look at things as they were in the glorious 1816, when the Argentine independence was declared.

The Team












Ezequiel Iturriza

Specialist in the development of children´s content.
For more than 15 years, Ezequiel has worked in TV producers such as Cuatro Cabezas and Non Stop, and written and created formats for Fox Internacional, Sony and Disney.

Gustavo Cavanna

With more than 20 years of experience in generating contents and international television artistic direction, creator of, and various documentary series for NatGeo and The History Channel.

Gustavo has created formats for Latin America and the US, with a vast experience in the generation and production of Latin-American children´s contents.
Awarded in several occasions, in which 5 Martín Fierro prizes and 2 nominations for the Emmy Awards stand out.

Alvaro Vazquez

Director/Producer with more than 20 years of experience in TV and entertainment.

Vazquez has worked with distinguished companies as TELEFE, Disney,, Promofilm, amongst others.
Pioneer in Argentina for the Mapping system with which he ran events for Nike, Claro and Presidencia de la Nación for the Argentinean´s two hundredth Independence Anniversary.

Santiago Schettini

Serial investor and entrepreneur.

Founder of the executive program for digital business MIND of Universidad de San Andrés.

Partner of Eastpoint and SFO Global VCs, and role model in the vertical of Education.

The Education Project

Virtual Reality is an enormous opportunity for education.

At Morel we are working with a group of educational institutions to develop a learning platform that combines Virtual Reality with other interactive technologies like Augmented Reality or mobile.

THE EDUCATION PROJECT aims to bring first class storytelling, advanced technology, and the gaming language to the classrooms.

Our goal is to create a new teaching tool that helps teachers and students to live a better experience at school.

The platform is not just a collection of Virtual Reality contents but a full learning method where the teacher is the key figure that guides the students in their knowledge adventure.
Thanks to Virtual Reality it´s possible to place them in real situations where they have to use their knowledge, making different assumptions on how to solve a problem.

This method creates a highly productive learning environment and increases the student´s commitment.